User Council Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy Adopted by ALS User Council: February 9, 2022
Grievance Policy Adopted by the Board of Trustees: February 15, 2022


Should the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation (UPRLC) Board of Trustees fail to approve an annual budget with or without amendments, deny the request of a User Council to enter into an agreement or contract, vote to dissolve a User Council, or otherwise take actions which hinder the ability of the User Council to fulfill its approved and intended purpose, the User Council shall have the ability to begin the grievance process as outlined below. The User Council may withdraw a grievance at any time without prejudice.

Step 1 - A User Council may request a hearing by contacting any officer of the UPRLC Board of Trustees. Such a request will include a description of the actions of the Board that adversely affected the User Council’s activities. Such hearings shall be scheduled within 30 days of request. All hearings shall include opportunities for both parties to speak and provide an opportunity for open and civil dialogue. Additional hearings may be scheduled for so long as a civil dialogue is moving toward resolution. If the hearings are no longer civil or fail to move towards a resolution, either party may request the issue be moved to mediation.

Step 2 - If progress toward a resolution in Step 1 has ended, either party may submit to the other a request in writing to move to mediation. Both parties may suggest a mediator for consideration until a firm or person is agreed upon. The User Council and UPRLC shall split the cost incurred for mediation. If an impartial third-party mediator cannot facilitate a mutual agreement, the decision of the UPRLC Board of Trustees shall be final.