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Save the Dates for the 2024 UPRLC Annual Conference: September 25th and 26th, 2024

The 2024 UPRLC Annual Conference will be held on September 25th and 26th at the Joseph Heirman University Center on the campus of Bay College in Escanaba.  This year’s theme is “Bold Library Futures”.  Join us and help create Bold Library Futures! 

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Matchmaking :|b the forgotten step

If you’re playing matchmaker between an item you want to add to your catalog and a bibliographic record, you need to follow two steps: Find a record. Match the record to the item you have in your hand. ♥  This entry to the Cat’s Meow is about making the match.  ♥ Good matches make for happy patrons.  If you have a patron who requests a large-print copy but gets a mass market edition with tiny print when their hold is available, they won’t be happy.  If they want an ebook … read more Matchmaking :|b the forgotten step

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What kind of cataloger are you?

What kind of cataloger do you want to be?   The cat in the hat:   If you wear many hats and one of them happens to be a cataloger hat, that’s great!  Your willingness to take on this task is key to making items findable and borrow-able to your patrons.  Thank you! What you do: Find existing bib records in our shared system and match with items you wish to add to your collection. When you will need help and how to get it: If you’re new to working … read more What kind of cataloger are you?

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